Yoga, a holistic practice, is also  beneficial for the well-being and self-confidence of children. In a calm and safe environment, adapted to their age, children are encouraged to relax and play, while they develop flexibility, coordination and balance. By directing their attention to the body, its sensations and the breath, they can reach a state of calm and concentration.

This non competitive environment creates a calm and pleasant space where children can relax, express themselves freely through body and voice. They learn to listen, interact, and respect themselves and others.

Children can learn and enjoy themselves best in a multi-sensory environment: telling stories, singing, creating free sounds, using color, doing many poses which are linked to animals and nature. Boarding point for this magical journey: the yoga mat! 


 children from 4 to 11 with parents ( of all ages !)

" I love doing yoga with my child. I am no longer " the taxi". We do exercises together, breathe, laugh, in a creative, fun & relaxing atmosphere. We talk about it on the way home in the car. We do what we learned at home !"  A mother from family yoga 2014

Why do yoga together? 

To eliminate tension from the body, breathe, improve flexibility
To be centred and improve concentration
To share a well-being moment with your family
To discover enriching tecniques whilst having fun
To be "joyful" together 
To allow oneself to relax, unwind &  play! 


a gift of well-being

Why not give the gift of yoga to your friends & family ?

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Your yoga gift card will be delivered personally if you live in the centre of Bordeaux within 48h, or by post if you live beyond the C.U.B.

The yoga gift cards are valid for 3 months from the purchase date*

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