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Tracey had her first taste of Bordeaux in 1998 as an Erasmus student. On returning to Ireland, her native country she completed her degree in Languages (French- Spanish) & Business.  In 1999, at the age of 21 she went to Asia and lived in Japan for one year where she taught English in schools with the JET program (Japan Exchange and Teaching program). This experience in the land of the rising sun opened her eyes, ears and soul to another way of living and gave her a taste for eastern culture. In 2001, it was while she was working for a large corporate company in Dublin that she became interested in Indian culture and discovered Ashtanga yoga. At that time, yoga helped her to manage a hectic and often stressful work life.

In 2003, she came back to live in Bordeaux where she began teaching English Business Communication in various companies in Gironde. In 2006, her desire to deepen her yoga practice incited her to complete a Teacher Training program at the Centered Yoga Institute. This training course provided her with a solid basis and a deeper understanding of good yoga practice. It was now time for her to pass on what she had learned. This experience oriented her life path and in 2010, she founded  ' ' to teach and promote yoga in the companies and city of Bordeaux.

Cultivating mindfulness, self-knowledge and spirituality have been vital to her well-being.  She has walked the Camino to Santiago De Compostella, attended mindfulness days in Plum Village in Dordogne, Vipassana meditation in Ireland, and Yoga in Southern India.  Spending time in nature and with family and friends, are equally as essential!

With the intention of deepening her practice, knowledge & teaching Tracey completed the Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Babacar Khane at the International Institute of Yoga from 2013- 2019. 

This method is synthesis of 3 great forms of yoga: 

Indian Yoga
Egyptian Yoga
Chinese Taoist Yoga -Internal styles of Kung Fu and Ch'i Kong.  

The beauty of this approach to yoga is that it is perfectly adapted to modern man's needs & problems. This form of yoga is open to all, even beginners !  You do not need to be flexible to start ! 

Key themes

Stress management
Chair Yoga
Yoga to stay in shape: develop strength, flexibility & balance
Yoga for team building 
Relieve stomach pain (the second brain)
Take care of your back, cervical spine, shoulders
Improve your seated posture
Yoga to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia
Yoga for tiredness
Yoga to prevent or heal low back pain
Yoga to prevent or heal sciatica
Yoga to strengthen & revitalize your back & legs
Yoga for high/low blood pressure
Yoga to preserve health & well-being in daily life
Yoga for healthy organs
Yoga & Breathing techniques to « take-away »
Yoga to recharge yor batteries 
Yoga to improve concentration

To enrich her teaching she regularly attends yoga workshops with Dr Nicolas and Marie-Christine LEBERRE,who specialize in the Anatomy of movement.  

With the intention to share yoga with all ages, she has also completed a Yoga Teacher Training for Children  and Yoga Techniques in Education with  RYE (Research on Yoga in Education).

She is very grateful to all her teachers. For all those seeking a greater sense of well-being, balance and serenity in their daily lives, welcome to yoga with Tracey !




What Bordeaux Expats say...

What Bordeaux expats say...

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